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25 May 2012 - Article No: 1562. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

On Friday, FACEBOOK will start using your photos in ads that appear on the profile of your contacts. It is legal and what is listed when you open an account. To prevent this do the following: Go to "Account Settings", click on "Facebook Adverts" on the left, then click "edit third party advert settings" and choose No One, then save

This rumour actually started circulating in March 2011 and we provided a small report here. Now it has begun to circulate again.

The message is partly true and partly false - and completely useless. This message actually vaguely states "On Friday" which is particularly useless since messages like this often continue to circulate for years. In this case "on Friday" was in early 2011 with the launch of "Facebook social ads" which this message initially referred to. These ads merely tells a Facebook user which of their friends has liked a particular page or application by using their name and/or profile photo, thus creating a "sponsored story". You can usually see these stories on the top right of your Facebook page. The original instructions with this hoax allowed users to disable this feature, even though it was perfectly mundane and was not any kind of privacy breach, since Page "likes" are public regardless.

The new, updated instructions on this revamped message above seem to disable a presently redundant "possibly may happen in the future" setting dealing with sharing your profile picture and name with third party advertising networks.

However this setting certainly does not match the description in the message which deals with Facebook social ads. Thus this message should not be circulated.

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