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18 Jun 2012 - Article No: 1576. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

This child is suffering from radiation burns and cancer , fb nd some web agencies have decided to donate 1 cent for each like nd 2 cent for each share of it ,...

please show humanity please do share nd like this ..... :(

This photo is one of several that circulate Facebook under the false assertion that sharing or liking the photo will induce donations from Facebook or other companies that go towards the child.

This is completely false. No company will base life saving treatment or operations, or any other type of financial support, based on the number of times a photo is share across Facebook.

These photos are used without the permission of the famillies in the photos and can often cause distress to them. The boy in this particular photo sadly passed away after only a few months due to an adverse reaction to a vaccination. The child was Ian Gromowski. The child did not have cancer nor radiation burns. Read more about Ian here.

If you see this photo being passed around in such manner please report the photo to Facebook.

Never pass on photos that claim Facebook will donate money for sharing. These are always hoaxes. For more information on these hoaxes read our blog post here.

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