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there is a virus in one of my updates about cleaning up my friends list do not open this

THIS A VIRUS!!!!! DONT OPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I am cleaning up my Facebook friend list. Please let me know if you wish to remain active by answering YES. Any other answer (or lack of) will result in removal."

Attention: Please do not clink on any message that says "going to be off for a few days, someone reported me as abusive." This is a virus!! Do not click on it. I got it from someone else and now it`s going out to everyone on my friends list.

Messages are circulating Facebook that warn users not to click on messages that pose questions about cleaning up your friends list. Many warnings assert that this is a virus.

The messages are in response to a Facebook Question that went viral some time ago. See the image below.

This is the result of a question being posted by a Facebook user using the Facebook Questions feature. The friends of that Facebook user answer the question but in doing so unwittingly post the same poll onto their own newsfeed for all of their own friends to see, who also answer the question after mistakingly believing that user asked the question. The question thus goes viral, in some cases accumulating millions of responses.

If you do see a question like the one above then it is best just to ignore it. It is important to note that these are not viruses or hackers and answering the question does not put you or your computer at risk. However answering the question does post it onto your newsfeed for all your friends to see, which can get a little annoying.

If you did answer the question go to your timeline and hover over the post and select the Hide option under the arrow drop down menu.

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