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30 Jul 2012 - Article No: 1596. Filed under: Facebook Scam

Various photos of ill children that have been born with a condition that results in the heart being outside of the body are spreading across social media along with the captions claiming that sharing the photo will result in donations being given to the child from Facebook.

The messages are completely bogus and are just the latest in a string of heartless and unscrupulous scams than involve callous like-farming criminals obtaining these photos without permission of the childs family and using them to acquire followers for Facebook pages.

This is a form of like-farming. The photos are used to help the Facebook page that posts these ill-acquired images gain followers. A Facebook page with a large number of followers is a potentially valuable asset and can be sold for money. Or it can be used to launch any number of other scams or hoaxes. Read more about like-farming here.

In none of these cases below do Facebook donate money based on shares.

This instance of the photo actually shows baby Hayes Davis who was born with omphalocele, which causes the fetus, intestines, and other abdominal organs to stick out of the belly button. He has already received an operation for the condition and it had nothing to do with sharing a photo on Facebook.

This photo shows a baby girl who - according to some reports - was born at the National Institute of Cardio-Vescular Diseases in Pakistan in July 1998. Again her condition has nothing to do with sharing a photo on Facebook.

In this case the child is named John, born in 2011 HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). John has already has an operation on his heart since the photo above was taken, and last time we checked is currently expected to undergo a handful more.

These scams can cause much distress for the families of the children they use, and in many cases these scammers use children who have since passed away. All just to accumulate followers for financial profit. To learn more about scammers who exploit sick children in this manner, see here.

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