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Facebook Is Donating Money To This Poor Baby.
1 Like = $1
1 Comment = $2
1 Share = $3
Please Like, Comment & Share To Help This Baby!

This photo is the latest photo to spread virally across Facebook with the assertion that liking or sharing the photo will invoke donations to help the child.

However this is just the latest in a long line of sick hoaxes that exploit the photos of ill children so the poster can gain Facebook "likes" for the image and the associated Facebook page.

Facebook will never donate money to help ill children based on how many times a photo is shared or liked on Facebook. The entire notion that Facebook donate money based on shares or likes is just a long running myth.

The photo of the child has been stolen from a hosptial website and is circulating Facebook without the permission of the childs parents. Facebook users are urged NOT to share or like the photo, as these types of hoaxes can (and have) cause great distress for the famillies of the children in the photos.

To learn more about what you can do to stop these hoaxes from spreading, click here.

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