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19 Sep 2012 - Article No: 1612. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

Mind teaser for the day.

1. Click on the picture
2. Write FALL in comment
3. Watch and see what develops with some chick.

1. Like The Picture

2. Comment "Fall"

3. See The Magic ♥

The following image is circulating virally across Facebook claiming that clicking on the picture and typing "Fall" into the comments produces some undetermined result.

The image and caption are nothing more than a joke. Clicking on an image on Facebook instructs the social networking site to take you to the next image in the album, and if it is the only photo in the album nothing will happen.

Additionally typing something into the comments on a Facebook picture will never result in any type of reaction, unless Facebook themselves initiate it. Facebook users do not have the ability to produce this type of effect.

So all that happens is plenty of people writing "Fall" into the comments section of various images and staring fruitlessly at their computer screen waiting for something to happen.

The only thing a user will see "develop" is their comment getting published and thus letting eveyone else know that someone else has "fallen" (get it?) for the ruse.

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