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FACEBOOK FRIENDS, THE HACKERS ARE BACK. a little while ago, someone warned us about a "you need to log in" box, coming up, whilst they were playing a game. it just happened to me. it`s a small blue box, that says that you are not logged in and invites you, to "click here to log in". DON`T DO IT. CLICK ON YOUR HOME PAGE BUTTON, THEN RETURN TO WHATEVER YOU WERE DOING. PLEASE PASS THIS ON. WARN EVERYONE, BEFORE SOMEONE ON YOUR FRIENDS LIST, GETS CAUGHT OUT AND LOSES THERE FACEBOOK ACCOUNT, TO A HACKER

The following message that is circulating Facebook claims that "hackers are back" and that Facebook users should avoid typing in their password in a blue box that pops up when playing "a game" as this will result in the user losing their Facebook account to hackers.

Breathless warning messages such as this are often too vague, inaccuate and confused to be of any real help and this seems to be the case here.

The message vaguely states that a blue box appears when "playing a game" which is not particularly helpful since the message fails to identify any specific game. One could assume the message means a Facebook app, but of course there are thousands of apps and any one of them could be the intended subject of the message.

It is unlikely that established games like Farmville, Castleville and others would be affected by such an attack since all content from these applications are provided by the company who develops the game, and none of the major developers of Facebook applications have released any news of any kind of security breach that could result in their users being exposed to such a box.

Additionally we could not find any information about any recent attacks related to the description in the message any where else on the Internet.

Of course you should always be careful when you enter your Facebook credentials any where - in fact you should only ever enter them when on the Facebook log in page - but circulating this confused message is unlikely to help any one, instead just cause needless worry.

If any updates come to light regarding any thing possibly related to the "warning" that this message tried to describe then this article will be updated. Also if you have any information you feel may be related to the message then contact us at nonsense [at] thatsnonsense [dot] com.

Be aware that many gamers have experienced various cookie issues over the last few days, especially iPad users, which means users have to log-in to Facebook continuously whilst using Facebook apps - these logins - whilst annoying - are not scams or the work of hackers.

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