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27 Sep 2012 - Article No: 1615. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

Dear Facebookers - Your private inbox messages are now visible for all to see... . This could get VERY awkward, very quickly...this is a new change from Facebook as of yesterday. Don`t believe me? Read your timeline from 2000`s...yikes! They look like wall posts.....they are not!

there`s an easy fix--when you`re in your own timeline, just click on the year on the right (2007, 2008, 2009) and you`ll see a box with a bunch of friends` messages and a header that says 89 people have written on Brian`s timeline--hover over the right until you see the pencil, click and select hide from timeline. do that for each year. This is for real friends. (Post this so all your friends can update theirs as well!)

This specific rumour has gone viral in relation to an earlier story (which we blogged about here) that claimed a Facebook breach allowed Facebook private messages (PMs) to be published on a users timeline for their friends (or, depending on their privacy settings, the whole world) to see.

And whilst a minority of Facebook users are adament that it is true, Facebook have confirmed that no such privacy breach has occurred.

So whilst some Facebook users are now claiming that Facebook are lying and covering up their mistakes (very unlikely, since many users STILL claim they can see their private messages), what is far more likely is that such Facebook users have simply forgotten - over the years - that back in 2007/08, Facebook was an entirely different platform and that users were not as concerned with privacy back then as they are now.

The "solution" in this particular message is also a little dramatic since it advises users to delete every wall post from those years. If users do find embarassing or potentially troublesome posts then they can hide them individually by clicking "View Individual Stories" on the "X friends posted on your timeline" box.

We do recommend reading our blog post here for more information on this.

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