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ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! RED ALERT for YOUR COMPUTER circulate this notice to your friends, family and contacts! In the coming days, warning: do not open any message with an attachment called Archive (Windows live) regardless of who sends you. This is a virus that burns the entire hard disk. This virus comes from a known person you have in your mailing list, which is why you should send this message to all your contacts. If you receive a message called: updating Windows live, even if it is sent by a friend, do not open the computer and stops immediately. This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever existed. The virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by McAfee. and there is no chance of repair for this type of virus. simply destroys Sector Zero of the hard disk. Just copy and this from a friend

This message is circulating virally across Facebook and claims that users should not open an attachment called Archive (Windows Live) as it is a virus.

The warning is essentially a hoax - yet another spin-off from the classic "Olympic Torch" fake virus hoax that has been circulating for well over 15 years now, and reads almost the same, including the spurious and completely false claims about CNN, Microsoft and the assertion the virus "burns the hard drive".

Many other similar hoaxes have spread over the years that have been inspired by the Olympic Torch virus hoax, all of them reading the same and making the same claims, including the Facebook Invitation Olympic Torch hoax, the Gordon Brown is smiling virus hoax and the Card from Hallmark virus hoax. The message is also very similar to the Windows Live Update virus hoax that also circulated in 2012.

Whilst it is not outside the realms of possibility that scammers may send emails that use the social engineering trick of duping victims to open an attached file called "Windows Live Update" which could be malware, the message above is still a hoax.
There is no "worst" virus currently spreading that matches the description in the warning. CNN have not just announced it and Microsoft have not classed anything as the "most destructive virus ever". Nor did Mcafee discover this virus yesterday. Nor does anything "destroy sector zero" of a users hard drive.
The message, just like the dozens of close variants, is just pure nonsense and should not be circulated.

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