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PLEASE PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO THIS! In the event that you are planning to vote democrat on Nov. 6, when you go into the voting booths, DO NOT SELECT THE BUTTON "all democrats" first, because Barack Obama will be excluded from the vote. However, if we choose "Barack Obama" first, and then "all democrats", he will earn our votes. People are not being told this information, because they are trying to use every trick in the book. TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW THIS! PLEASE RE-POST THIS, WE CAN`T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!!!!.

The above message is circulating that claims those planning on voting Democrat will need to choose the option "Barack Obama" before choosing "All Democrats" otherwise the vote will exclude Mr. Obama.

The message only applies to the state of North Carolina. The majority of states do not allow straight-ticket voting (marking all a parties candidates with a single vote) which is what the message above is referring to - this means in most states, marking "All Democrats" is not even an option.

North Carolina voters will need to vote for Obama first (if they so wish) and then select All Democrats (if they so wish).

Nearly all States in the US use different methods for voting in general elections, meaning blanket advice like the message above will be useless to most Americans.

Additionally it is worth pointing out that this is not a new feature to the North Carolina voting process, so the implication that this is some kind "trick" is untrue. The instructions are also clearly stated on the ballot.

As a result of this information it is not recommended to pass along this message in its current form. If you do want to pass on this advice to your friends please ensure that you clearly state that the message is only relevant to North Carolina voters.

A Hat-Tip to David from the Hoax-Slayer Admin team for this information.

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