FEMA Looking for Crews in South Jersey - Internet/Facebook Rumour

4 Nov 2012 - Article No: 1632. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

"ATTENTION: If you need work, Fema needs clean up crews for South Jersey.
It`s $1000 for 7 days, hotel and food included. Call 904-797-5998"

This message is circulating Twitter and Facebook that claims people looking for money can help FEMA with their efforts to clean South Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

The message is a hoax. The telephone number is a residential address in North Florida, and has nothing to do with FEMA. In fact someone identifying themselves on the website 800note.com as the owner of the phone number claims that they have had to disconnect the number due to the high volume of calls.

FEMA have dispelled the rumour on the website.

From their site -

November 2: There is a spike of traffic related to FEMA hiring cleanup crews in both New York and New Jersey. This is FALSE. For information on how you can volunteer in these communities visit Serve.gov/sandy

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