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Your IP is Temporarily Blocked

It looks like users on your current IP address were going too fast and misusing this feature, so this IP been blocked from it for up to two days.

Learn more about blocks in the "Help Center".

Users have reported that this message has appeared above the Status Update box on their Facebook homepage with red lettering.

The message seems to have appeared for many thousands of Facebook users in October and November with early November seeing a surge.

The message essentially states that the IP address that a user connects to Facebook with has been detected as using the system "too fast" which likely translates to spamming Facebook with automated posts - though bear in mind that depending on your local network or how your ISP works it is possible that many users can connect to Facebook with the same IP address meaning if one user spams Facebook then other users sharing that users IP address could also be temporarily blocked.

However given the sudden surge of users reporting this message, and given that we know Facebook is currently making tweaks, it is likely that this message is the result of a glitch.

However much confusion has arisen from the curious grammar in the last sentence, leading many to suspect it to be some kind of phishing scam. Poor grammar is indeed usually the sign of some kind of scam but given that this message is appearing within the Facebook interface it is likely just a case of sloppy work on behalf of Facebook.

Users that have clicked the "Help Center" link within the email have reported simply going to Facebooks actual Help Center and not any kind of scam or spoof website which one would expect if it were a scam.

For most users however, the message disappears as soon as it appears.

We will update if any more information comes to light.

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