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Rumours are spreading that the police are using hidden speed cameras that appear to be surreptitiously placed inside road barriers.

The rumours come attached to a series of photos (as seen above) that claim to show the camera. Different variants exist, some placing the camera in the UK, others claiming the photos were taken in Malaysia, Spain and the Netherlands, amongst other countries.

New Version of Speed trap camera..
OnTrial in UK presently, not so easy to spot......
Pass this on and drive carefully
collected November 7th 2012

Whilst the photos are real, they do not show a camera at all, much less a hidden speed camera.

Rather the photos show a sensor that is used in conjunction with a well visible but separate speed camera, and is used in Switzerland. The speed camera is produced by CES. In the photo below (taken from their website) you can see the sensor on the left of the photo and the actual camera itself on the right.

According to the site the camera is known as the Traffic-Observer LMS-04 and can detect speeding, running red lights and driving the wrong way up the motorway!

So the assertion that the camera is hidden is false. It is not a camera, but a sensor used in conjunction with a well visible camera.

It is also worth noting that hidden fixed speed cameras cannot operate legally in the UK within existing guidelines, as cameras have to be both well signed and highly visible. The guidelines to the use of fixed speed cameras in the UK can be seen here.

From that website -
Enforcement cameras are well signed and highly visible in line with DfT guidelines

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