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19 Nov 2012 - Article No: 1637. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

This photo is circulating that shows a man pinning a dog against the wall and is poised to punch it. Another photo in the same series shows the same dog buried in the sand.

The photos are genuine in that they have do not appear to have been photoshopped or digitially manipulated. They first appeared online in 2011.

According to this blog post by and other reports found on the Internet the man in the photo, who happened to be a military policeman in Chile at the time, was apprehended by authorities in 2012 because of these photos. This is backed up by this story here.

Therefore continued circulation of the photos is pointless.

Also be advised that since this photo began to circulate virally and the identity of the man has been discovered, innocent people with the same name have been targeted on Facebook and other social media sites in a case of mistaken identity.

This man was already placed in custody - thus continuing what is essentially an ill-advised Internet witch-hunt is certainly not recommended. Circulating such photos without researching the veracity of the information first can lead to a number of problems, which we outline in our article here about "Trial by Social Media."

Also note that before considering sharing this photo we have seen many "like-whore" Facebook pages set up by scammers who are encouraging Facebook users to share this photo in order to garner Likes for Facebook pages which are then sold for profit. See our blog post here for details.

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