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28 Nov 2012 - Article No: 1642. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

A video of an apparent prank resulting in a women being run over by a car is circulating on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The video shows a man in a mask jumping out in front of a women who runs out of the house into the path of a car. The video shows the collision between the woman and the car and you hear another female behind the camera shouting "Rachel". Original versions of the message also include the text stating that the video was dubbed "Exhibit B-5" implying it was being used in a court case against the pranksters.

The video has caused a lot of debate over its authenticity. However the video is staged and all the people featured in the video are actors.

Information on the Facebook page belonging to Cindy Vela, who played the "ill-fated" girl in the video can be seen here that includes information about the video which was directed by Kyle Rankin. A longer version of the video can also be seen here.

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