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New Fraud on Facebook... There`s some "Pirates" that copy your profile photo and request friendship in your name with a new account. Do not accepts any requests in my name since this is my only and sole account... thanks to all... Copy this post to your wall... Advise all your contacts...
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This message is circulating Facebook that claims that Facebook scammers are copying profile pictures of users to create clone accounts which are then used to dupe innocent users into accepting false friend requests.

The attack described in the message is genuine, and is known as Facebook cloning. A Facebook scammer creates a new account. As their profile picture they choose the same profile picture as a Facebook friend of a user. As the account name they choose the corresponding name of that same Facebook friend, both pieces of information which are accessible to the public.

Next they send a friend request to the user, pretending to be that same friend. Possibly they’ll include a message with the request with the effect that they have just created a new account or have been locked out of their old one.

Facebook cloning has been around for some time now, at least for a handful of years, so the assertion in the message that this is a new type of fraud is false. There is also no evidence to suggest that this type of scam is seeing any type of flucuation or increasing popularity, meaning there is little need to circulate such an alarmist warning message over Facebook.

If you do want to warn your friends about this type of scam then send them a link to our blog article that dicusses the scam and how to avoid it.

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