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Facebook has changed AGAIN!!!
You will no longer see the pages you love show in your news feed. Facebook is now showing pages in a separate news feed! To view, You will need to find the orange flag on the Left hand side of your page and click to open all of your pages updates. If you hover over the flag, you can add this feed to your favorites, and it will move it to the top of your page along with your other favorites. Please share as not many people seem toknow about this! Many new changes on FB went into place on wednesday 12/12/12.
Thanks! I love being a part of yourFacebook news feed! ¢¾
I was wondering why hardly anyone was seeing my posts!
Thank you! Plz share!
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More Facebook changes...Im posting this before pages start disappearing from your news feed. Facebook is doing major updates (AGAIN!) and many pages are currently affected. If we disappear completely from your feed, check your page for a new tab on the left called ‘pages feed’ with a little orange flag. We are now getting 2 separate news feeds. Our usual news feed will have all of our personal friends posts and all posts that are sponsored (paid for) - and as for the rest of us who can’t afford to pay for every post we make, our pages will be put into the new tab called ‘pages feed’ which you will need to physically click on to see posts and majority of all your other favorite pages. Let everyone know! And, please feel free to copy and paste or share this status. Lets keep small businesses alive and dont miss our updates with new arrivals! Thanks everyone :)
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The Pages Feed option

This message is circulating that claims users will no longer see the Pages they follow on Facebook on their main newsfeed as content that these Pages post will now appear in the Pages Feed which can be accessed via the orange flag icon on the left hand side of a users newsfeed. (see image)

This rumour is not completely true. Whilst it is true that Facebook have recently implemented a Pages Feed option that does appear as an orange flag (see image above) it is not true that this means Pages that you follow will stop appearing in your regular, main newsfeed.

The new Pages Feed link will allow a Facebook user to see a dedicated stream of posts only from Pages that they follow (i.e. Like) on Facebook, without posts or stories from friends appearing. However we have been unable to find any evidence or suggestion that this will mean Pages that users have Liked will no longer be displayed on a users main newsfeed.

As we have explained many times elsewhere on this site the content that appears on a Facebook users newsfeed depends on the EdgeRank algorithm which tries to predict what a Facebook user will want to see, since reporting everything on a users newsfeed means the newsfeed becomes overly cluttered.
Certain Pages that a user interacts with on a regular basis are more likely to appear on that users newsfeed because EdgeRank assumes the user is more interested in the content posted by that Page.

Thus this means that "Pages you love" (and presumably therefore interact with) should still appear on your main newsfeed, regardless of this new Pages Feed option.

If you follow multiple Pages on Facebook you may not see all the content that they post, in which case the Pages Feed option may be useful to many Facebook users.

Alternatively if you are a Page Admin and want to make sure your Facebook users get your Page posts (or if you are a regular user and want to make sure you do not miss posts from Pages you like) the users can use Facebook lists - we have a tutorial here!

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