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Has any body seen a little girl, she has long brown hair, she had a dark Barbie jumper on. She`s been missing for about 3 hours now, from town, and her name is Clio and her mother`s name is Kelly. Please broadcast this and let`s help find her poor little girl!
NO unticking because this is URGENT!
Please pass it on...

- If you don`t BC this it shows how sick you are, and that you won`t even waste 2 minutes of your life to help find a missing little girl.

Messages are circulating Facebook about a girl called Clio who - according to the message - went missing a matter of "hours ago". Most variants of the message claim that she was wearing a dark Barbie jumper and identify the mother as Kelly.

Many variants are circulating with various locations attached to the message including Downham, Blackpool Hastings and Southampton. Most variants however simply identify the location as "town".

We were unable to find any reports of a missing child with this name, including local news reports in the locations quoted in variants of the message. Whilst Facebook can be used effectively to get the word out regarding missing children, it is only effective when these messages include a specific location, time and a link to a reputable local or national news website so readers can acquire updates regarding the case before making the decision to circulate. Messages that do not include a link to a reputable news outlet are typically ineffective because the reader cannot determine the authenticity of the message or that it has not become outdated or inaccurate.

Since the above message fails to identify a location (in most cases) nor a link to a reputable news source then we do not recommend circulating the message. We cannot locate any sources online that backup the claims made in the message.

Many variants also contain the rather audacious assertion that failing to circlate the message means the reader is "sick" for not being willing to waste the 2 minutes to share the message. In reality it would be more appropriate to question why the person who authored the message could not take the additional 30 seconds to include a location, date and link to make the message so much more useful, assuming the message is actually genuine.

If you have any information regarding this case then we can be contacted at nonsense [at] thatsnonsense [dot] com.

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