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DONT DO ANY S4S! THATS HOW WE GET DELETED!!!! MARK ( The ex- owner from facebook) Selled facebook to google!!!! now google says its useless sharing pages. SO IF I SEE YOUU DOING S4S .. YOU WILL AUTOMATICLY BE DELETEED. SORRY
collected Jan 2013

All pages and Admins stop doing s4s and tags etc otherwise facebook/google will unpublish us. Mark the maker of Facebook sold Facebook to google for a load of money. Like billions. And now google have changed facebook putting up more rules, google has seen that pages ask for like exchanges such as `share for share, tag for tag, special shoutouts and like for like` and some how wont allow it for no reason. They also look for pages that get too many likes so fast and unpublish them, you may of noticed big and popular pages such as `Niall Horan Marry Me Please` and others have been unpublished. This is not at all fair, good pages like that have worked hard and very long for those likes and google goes and throws the hard work away. Good Luck to all the pages !! #REPOST for your pages safety. Thank you.
collected Jan 2013

These messages assert Facebook Pages asking for s4s or t4t (for those of you older than 16 this means "share for share" - i.e. you share my Page and I will share yours - popular lingo popularly used by young teens who own music fan pages) are being shut down by Google, who apparently have just acquired the social networking site.

The rumours seem limited somewhat to Facebook pages run by young teens who operate fan pages for musical artists or teenage "hangouts". It would appear that this is the demographic that seem most susceptible to believing the frankly absurd claim that Facebook have been acquired by Google.

Just for the record, and so we have it in writing, no, Mark "the maker" has not sold Facebook to Google.

And as far as we can tell there is no restrictions or limitations for exchanging shares between pages, nor is there any evidence to verify the baseless claim that pages are being removed for merely asking for share exchanges. This, from what we can tell, is not against Facebooks terms of service.

On the other hand if you operate a "likewhore" page that persistently posts misleading or deceptive content in order to accumulate Likes, or you run illegal promotions on Facebook then you may very well find your Facebook Page taken down.

Thanks to the Black Knight for showing us these posts.

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