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Our f***ed up government can change the name of Australia day to citizen day, BUT the 26th of January will always be known and will stay Australia day. Nothing will change that and people will always call it that. If you get offended then f*** of because nobody cares what you want!! Australia day is australia day. Deal with it!!
collected January 24th 2013

I am an Australian, I was born in Australia, I live in Australia, therefore I celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY! NOT CITIZEN DAY! Go to the USA, and you will celebrate the American Independence Day. In Australia we celebrate AUSTRALIA DAY! Re-post this if you celebrate Australia Day on the 26th of January ever year, not citizen day.
collected January 24th 2013

Ok Ive only heard about this "citizen day" bulls**t, its AUSTRALIA DAY the date that country was founded not to be sensitive to people who immigrate to this country and whinge that they dont feel "included" if you dont like how we run things here F**K OFF BACK WHERE YA CAME FROM you ungrateful useless f**k! Geez this makes my blood boil
collected January 24th 2013

Julia Gillard, the target for many of these rumours.

Messages and rumours are flying across the Internet claiming that Australia Day, a patriotic celebration that occurs Down Under every year on the 26th January, is to be renamed "Citizens Day". Many of these messages assert Prime Minister Julia Gillard is responsible for the attempted name change, and many of these rumours further assert that the reason behind the change is to prevent immigrants from feeling "left out".

The rumours are completely false. Julia Gillard has no intention of changing the name of Australia Day to Citizens Day. These rumours have been circulating for a number of years and have never been true. The underlying alleged motivation of changing the name - because immigrants do not feel included - is a clear attempt by hoaxers to cause racial tension in the country which could potentially lead to racial violence and isolation aimed towards ethnic minorities. And sadly many Internet users have obviously played straight into the hands of these hoaxers.

Only a few years ago many British Internet users suffered a similar fate after rumours circulated that they could not wear England football shirts for fear of offending minorities. Other rumours claimed that poppies could not be sold in certain areas for the same reason.

It would appear the fake assertion that inhabitants of a country can no longer participate or enjoy national activities for fear of offending minorities is a popular way racist hoaxers are employing to rile racial tension.

Always research a rumour before circulating it, especially rumours you hear on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

A sad reality is that many of these messages - penned mostly by disgruntled yet wholly uninformed social networking users - have been extremely aggressive, graphic and threatening. We would recommend anyone writing such messages to research a rumour first, not only because you are otherwise helping to perpetrate a hoax to your friends but also because you are making yourself look rather silly when you find out your hate-filled rant turns out to be 100% baseless.

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