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"Women are not capable of defending themselves with "death machines" we call guns. Women were designed to produce life, not take it away."
collected Jan 24th 2013

This quote is circulating the Internet attributed to Senator Dianne Feinstein, the senior US Senator from California.

However we have been unable to find any reliable sources, mainstream media or any other evidence that shows this quote has been correctly attributed.
Of course if Senator Feinstein did say this rather controversial quote it would have certainly garnered considerable media attention, especially from media outlets that tend to be in favor of 2nd Amendment rights.

However of all the websites which are asserting the quote to be accurate (typically conspiracy blogs/forums such as InfoWars and GodLikeProductions) we were unable to find any that were able to verify she made the quote, or where and when she made the quote.

Senator Feinstein is in strong favor of banning military style assault weapons in the US, which has given her plenty of negative attention and criticism from pro-gun activists, so it is likely that this quote has been mis-attributed to her in an attempt to discredit the Senator. A recent White House petition wanting to try her for treason recently surpassed the required number of signatories to warrant a White House response.

Always verify a quote to be accurate and correctly credited before passing it on to others, if not only to maintain your own credibility.

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