XBox 720 Beta Testers Wanted Through Facebook? - Fake Facebook Page/Event Giveaway

11 Mar 2013 - Article No: 1688. Filed under: Fake Facebook Page/Event Giveaway

XBOX 720 has now come so far, that we`ll need Beta Testers.
Like, Share the picture below to participate and you will have a chance to receive XBOX 720 and become a Beta Tester.

By the end of March, 2000 random people who likes, and shared this picture will be chosen and contacted through assigned mail connected to Facebook Account.
example collected March 2013

The above image is an example of the many different fake Pages and content being spread across Facebook that falsely claim to be recruiting XBox 720 testers.

These Pages and Posts claim that sharing and liking the Post will automatically register you in a raffle to be chosen to be picked to be a XBox 720 tester, in which case you would apparently inherit the highly anticipated gaming console as well as being able to test it.

Of course these Pages are all completely fake and represent only one in many ways in which spammers constantly try and dupe Facebook users into Liking various Facebook Pages on the social networking site.

These viral schemes are often started by using a large network of spam Facebook accounts to get the content to go viral and thus expose it to genuine Facebook users. Such Facebook users naively share the content to all of their friends.

These scams can potentially be very troublesome as they often result in various fake Facebook Pages [that post the content] accumulating extremely large numbers of Fans. From there spammers can action out many number of scams. Recently we have seen spammers posting links to survey scams that request users give out much of their personal information resulting in them being spammed or unwittingly entering into expensive SMS subscription plans. The spammers assert that before Facebook users can enter the "competition" they must complete these surveys.

And it is also possible to use these fake Facebook Pages to help spread malware scams as well as phishing attacks and identity theft attacks.

Never Like, Comment or Share on this sort of content. Microsoft are not looking for testers for the XBox 720 and if they were they certainly would not be using this sort of recruitment method to pick them.

Remember everything you Like and Share on Facebook goes to your friends, and if you are sharing a scam then you are exposing your friends to that scam.

Also be aware that is a giveaway or promotion you see on Facebook displays any of these signs then it is likely a scam -
1. The content is posted from a Facebook Page that was created a short while ago.
2. The competition requires you to share and like a wall post or photo. This is against Facebooks promotional guidelines that specifically prohibits conditioning entry on Liking wallposts.
3. The competition involves completing surveys, questionnaires or reward programs as part of the entry process.
4. The competition requires you install software such as browser plugins or toolbars as part of the entry process.
5. The competition directs you to a website that instructs you to copy and paste the URL address (the address at the top of the window that begins with www.) into the webpage.
6. The competition directs you to copy and paste code into your browsers URL address bar.

For more information on these spam Pages then read our blog post here.

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