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No it is no painting. it`s a new Spider call the Angolan Witch spider. they migrated from South America. they primarily eat dogs and cats
In Texas this abnormally large spider was found on the side of this home. It took several gun shots to kill it.... I would literally faint if I saw a spider this BIG.
collected March 2013

Angolan Witch spider as big as half a house, supposedly migrated from South America. HUGE!!! Eats dogs and cats, etc. Takes several bullets to kill it.
collected March 2013

This image asserts to show an Angolan Witch Spider attached to the side of a house. The message asserts the spider feeds primarily on cats and dogs.

As you would probably have suspected, the image is fake. Firstly, the caption spread with the message changes the location of the spider. One says Texas, another states South America and older versions assert it was Australia.

Secondly, the largest known spiders generally do not exceed a 12 inch legspan, and there is no species known as the Angolan Witch Spider.

And lastly, if there was any lingering doubt that this image could be authentic, the artist who photoshopped the image came forward to and posted the original image of the spider which can be seen here.

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