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19 Mar 2013 - Article No: 1695. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

This guy on the left is named Jamie bunnett known on Facebook as Jamiiee Ballbagzz and last night (18/03/2013) he bashed my 65 year old grandad for no reason causing damage to his eye which will either cause him to lose all vision or his whole eye completely. Share his face around so that everyone can know what this low life has done to a 65 year old man

Above image is circulating imploring users to share this photo in order to identify the man on the left who - according to the messages attached to the photo - assaulted the man on the right of the image.

Posts and groups like this are clearly aimed at encouraging forms of vigilante justice in an obvious case of "trial by social media". If the messages attached to the images are correct then the appropriate course of action is to let the local authorities correctly action out the correct justice as opposed to vigilante justice being actioned out by someone who saw the post on Facebook.

Additionally "trial by social media" messages can also make potential prosecution cases more difficult.

However these posts are just one side of an unverified story. We never recommend sharing posts or groups on Facebook that encourage vigilante justice. Such posts are against Facebooks terms and conditions and promote illegal activity.

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