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1 Apr 2013 - Article No: 1698. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Im not asking you to like this
But please do share as Facebook donates $1 for these sick children for every single share

These messages are circulating that assert that Facebook will donate a dollar to help these pictured starving children in the photo for every share the photo receives.

These images are just the continuation of a much older hoax that asserts companies such as Facebook will donate money based on the amount of interaction certain content receives on Facebook. However this is completely untrue. Facebook does not donate money to children or charities based on the number of shares or likes an image receives.

Past hoaxes in this genre have been known to use photos of sick or disabled children in hospital stolen elsewhere on the Internet.

It is vital that Facebook users neither Like nor Share the photos. These hoaxes are commonly used by ”Likewhore Pages” to help accumulate fans. Such Pages are often used to make money for scammers who sell the Facebook Pages. We discuss how these scams work here.

Facebook never donate money based on this sort of interaction so never share or like these photos.

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