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This poor boy was bullied most of his life and then beaten with a 4x2. All because he liked One direction.
He is in hospital but he cant pay for his surgery.
All face companies have agree to donate $10 for every like.
and $50 for every share.
please don`t ignore.

This message asserts the pictured boy was bullied for liking British boy band One Direction. The message also asserts that Liking the image will result in "face companies" donating $10 and Sharing the image results in a $50 donation.

Of course the message is entirely false. No companies condition donation amounts based on the number of Likes or Shares images or posts receive on Facebook. This is a long running hoax which has circulated in many different variants for years.

Early variants of this "donate-per-share" hoax used stolen images of sick or disabled children to emotionally blackmail Facebook users into sharing the image to acquire donations for the pictured child, but these too were also immoral, sick hoaxes set up my online pranksters for some sort of twisted joke or to accumulate Likes for "Likewhore" Facebook Pages for financial gain.

Whilst we are not sure what the author of this hoax means by "face companies", we are sure that the message is entirely a hoax and the image appears to be staged. Images like this that urge users to Share and Like it are used by Likewhore scammers to accumulate fans for their Pages which can then be used to lure unsuspecting Facebook users into a varienty of online scams such as bogus "reward programs", thus we do not recommend sharing or liking this image. If you do see this image let the poster know that it is a hoax.

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