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A still from the video, accessed April 2013

A particularly horrific video is circulating Facebook and the Internet that shows a dog being thrown off the roof of a multistory building. The video, which is slightly over 20 seconds, explicitly shows the dog hit the ground and screaming in pain.

Sadly the video appears to be genuine. Research seems to suggest the incident occurred in Egypt, but this is not a new video. Traces of this story can be found dating back to April 2011 (2 years from the date of this article).

According to stories we found pertaining to the act of cruelty, the ESMA (The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) - a body that helps homeless animals and animals that have been the victim of cruelty - did manage to track down the culprits and the location where the incident occurred. The men involved were taken to the police, and from there specific details become sketchy.

However a recent Facebook posting made by the ESMA addressing the sudden reappearance of the video suggests that the boy who threw the dog from the roof "went into hiding" thus probably avoided any custodial sentence or fine -

Re the dog being thrown of the roof. This is an old video and those of you who have been following our wall will know that ESMA
moved heaven and earth to track down this evil person and in fact we did find the building and the people concerned/ The companion was taken to the police station and the boy that did the actual shoving was whisked away and into hiding by his family. Please do not keep sharing this video on this wall... ESMA has no legal powers in Egypt we do what we can when we can with the few resources we have available to us.

And as for the dog, reports suggest that the dog died shortly after being thrown from the roof.

The ESMA relies heavily on donations made by the public. If you support their work then consider making a donation here.

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