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This baby was in a horrible Car "Accident" And his Parent`s don`t have enough money to pay his Treatment so we`re sending money to him ! Please don`t ignore !

Like = 10$
Share = 15$
please don`t ignore if you have a heart

An image is circulating Facebook of a bruised child that, according to the attached message, was in a car accident. The message also asserts that Sharing or Liking the photo results in money being sent to the child’s family to help pay for treatment.

In reality the message is another in a seemingly endless string of callous hoaxes that steal photos of children and assert Liking or Sharing the photo will result in donations from Facebook or another entity.

As we have explicitly stated numerous times on this site, Facebook, nor anyone else, donate money to sick or injured children (or animals) based on the number of shares or Likes a photo receives on Facebook.
Such hoaxes exploit photos of children, often to increase the Likes and popularity of “Like-Whore” Facebook Pages. Such Pages can then be used to initiate any number of dangerous scams on people who fall for these types of hoaxes.

In the case of the photo above, the child is actually Casen Buswell, who suffers from Glomuvenous malformations plaque type that causes his blood vessels, skin and muscles to harden. The photo appears to be have stolen by immoral hoaxers from a Daily Mail article about Casen here.

These scams are extremely callous and heartless. They exploit sick, innocent children to garner Likes for Photos and Pages. Sharing or Liking such content is irresponsible and helps such immoral spammers reach victims as well as increases the likelihood that spammers will continue exploiting photos of children in the future.

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