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Remove your photos from social sites immediately...!
This is a confirmed message.. A new online business group from Sri Lanka selling female edited PHOTOS to the porn sites by downloading the PHOTOS from FACEBOOK...!Highly paid professional graphic designers are hired to edit women`s photo and to make it so realistic.. It looks 100% real..! Each photo,they earn $10. Recently there have been many reports of divorces and cancellation of engagements because of these PHOTOS found in Internet..Don`tput yourself in trouble by uploading your PHOTOS and finding yourself naked in the Internet and don`t spoil your future by having entertainment on FACEBOOK...

The following message is circulating Facebook and warns girls to remove their images from social media sites because criminals are stealing their photos, photoshopping them to make the victim appear naked and then selling them to pornography sites.

After researching the Internet there is no evidence that such criminal activity is taking place. There are no credible news reports that women are finding themselves on porn sites or that criminal rings are using social media sites to find photos for this nefarious purpose.

The lack of credible evidence to support the warnings allegations is not the only sign that this is a hoax – the warning has many other tell-tale red flags that suggest this is nothing more than a ruse. Firstly the extremely ambiguous assertion that you are reading a “confirmed message”, though suspiciously omits exactly who has “confirmed” the message.

Secondly the fundamental principle of the warning – that criminals are stealing and manipulating photos of women from Facebook – doesn’t really make any sense since a quick Internet search effortlessly reveals thousands upon thousands of, shall we say, compromising photos. It doesn’t make sense that criminals would go to the considerable effort of both stealing and digitally photoshopping photos to sell them to porn sites.

Whilst we cannot rule out the possibility of isolated cases where victims may find their photos copied and manipulated (cases have emerged of people trying to blackmail others with fake photos), there does not appear to be any popular trend where online criminal rings are committing these offences. However as we always advise, you never know what some people out there will do if they see your photo, so ensure that your photos are always properly protected on social media with the correct privacy settings.

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