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28 May 2013 - Article No: 1731. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

WARNING TO EVERYONE: If you see something like this pop up on your screen, DO NOT CLICK CONTINUE!!! It is a virus, and it will WIPE OUT your computer!!!!

A photo of a computer screen showing a message about a Facebook account being temporaily locked because of malware is circulating Facebook. Along with the photo is a warning that the message is actually a scam and that clicking continue will activate a virus that will wipe the user’s computer.

However the warning is false. The photo shows a completely legitimate warning provided by Facebook, who are able to detect if a user is trying to log-in to the social networking site via a device infected with malware. The messages are part of Facebooks malware checkpoints feature.

If Facebook detects malware – especially malware capable of manipulating or controlling a user’s Facebook account, like the infamous Koobface infection – then it will present a user with the above message to ensure that they are given a chance to remove the infection. Facebook discuss the feature here.

Of course it is always wise to ensure that you are on the actual Facebook site before continuing. Whilst the message above is real it is not out of the question that scammers could use a similar message to try and lure victims into a variety of scams, so before confirming or continuing from any message always check the URL of the webpage to ensure it starts with and not another site.

Of course to ensure your computer stays malware free you should always have up-to-date, reliable antivirus installed at all times. To check our recommendations click here.

However as for this warning, it is totally false and should not be circulated.

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