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29 May 2013 - Article No: 1732. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Mermaid Sighting In Kariyat Yam

Internet users are being plagued with a series of hoaxes over the last few days involving mermaids, including this blurry 1 minute video that asserts to show a mermaid slithering off a rock as two guys watch in amazement.

The sudden mermaid chatter is likely down to last Sundays psuedo-documentary that featured on cable channel The Animal Planet.

Mermaids: The New Evidence is Animal Planets follow up to their previous pseudo-documentary Mermaids: The Body Found. And by pseudo-documentary we mean it is completely fictional, yet dressed up to appear like a factual documentary.

In this sequel, the above video that shows two guys filming a mermaid on a nearby rock is shown, and purportedly shows a genuine encounter with this mythical creature. However, if the questionable acting of the two men wasn’t enough to raise your suspicions, the video was actually CGI produced and not does depict a real mermaid at all.

In fact all of the encounters and videos showing mermaids in the show are fabricated.

Mermaids: The New Evidence actually broke Animal Planets ratings record, meaning, perhaps ironically, that the most popular show to feature on Animal Planet is centered around an animal that does not even exist.

You can see the trailer for the show by clicking here and in the trailer you can see a short clip of the above 1 minute video. You can also see the full video on Animal Planets website here.

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