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29 May 2013 - Article No: 1733. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

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A baby was just found dumped in
the national park this morning!
If you`ve such heart please
change God is watching.

Nothing much but to wish soul to
rest internal peace!

Type R.I.P if you have aheart
Ignore if you`re also heartless.

A photo of a baby which was apparently abandoned is circulating Facebook along with the caption that the baby’s body was dumped "this morning".

The photo appears to be genuine and it is extremely likely that the photo does indeed show a baby that was abandoned. However it certainly was not dumped “this morning” as we were able to find sites and blogs displaying the photo that date back to 2010.

We are currently unable to find any specific details about the child but many sites assert that the child was from Malaysia where abandoning newborn babies is a growing problem. A site showing the photo (and others) asserting it was taken in Malaysia can be seen here -

The sad fact is that these incidents do occur, especially in poorer areas but specific incidents can be found from almost every country in the world.

However circulating the photo above may not wise, not only because it falsely asserts the baby was dumped this morning, but also because these sorts of photos are used by so-called LikeWhore pages to drive traffic and Likes to fan pages which are then used to make scammers money. Essentially scammers exploit such tragic photos for traffic and thus financial gain. They emotionally exploit Facebook users by asserting that they are "heartless" if they fail to share the photo. Learn about how these scams work here.

Also worth remembering that typing a comment to a photo (such as RIP) shares it with your friends, which is why many Likewhore Pages ask you to do this. And given the graphic nature of the photo this can often be inappropriate. Turning a blind eye to this problem is not the answer, but then forcing graphic photos onto your friends through Facebook could possibly serve to upset your friends.

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