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Supposedly this Anaconda was found recently during the excavation of the new Panama Canal.

700lbs snake pulled out of a lake in Proctor , NC.
Explains any missing persons reports in the area .

Images of what appears to be an extremely large snake caught up in a mechanical digger are circulating Facebook, along with the claims the reptile was discovered either in Panama or Proctor, North Carolina.

Whilst we were unable to hunt down the true source of the photo, it has appeared over the last few months with various locations attributed to it, including the Panama Canal, North Carolina and Indonesia.

And whilst we were unable to see any evidence of digital manipulation, you still needn’t worry, as the photo shows all the tell-tale signs of a digital illusion known as “forced perspective”, a trick popular with fishermen to make their prize trophies appear bigger than they actually are. This is where the photo’s subject is cunningly placed nearer to the camera than it appears to be in order to make it look bigger than it actually is, and this is almost certainly what we are seeing here.

The claims made in most versions of this rumours about the snake weighing in at 700lb are also dubious, since currently the worlds heaviest snake, according to National Geographic is a snake called “baby” at the Illinois Serpent Safari Park, which weighed in at 403lb. (Rumours about a python in Indonesia being captured and weighing over 900lb have been largely dismissed)

So whilst we could be looking at a genuinely large snake, the claims attributed to the photo are exaggerated, and the location of the snake currently cannot be verified.

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