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1 Sichuan University students to take part in celebration on Saturday night. She felt happy and drank a lot of liquor, then a young man sit in front of her. she was constantly flirting with the boy , until she finally agreed to go with this handsome guy went to a hotel nearby, the guy opened a package. They went to the room,and the girl drank more wine, she slowly began to feel dizzy, drowsy, and then fell she asleep.

When the girl woke up, she found her body in a bathtub
full of ice.There`s a note next to the tub, above red letters with the words "120, or you will die! "Her phone next to the note. She dialled emergency and explain her current situation. Doctors recommended that she check her back, and she found two nine-inch long cut wound in the lower back!!! Doctor wanted her to lie down back to the bathtub full of ice, told her not to move, immediately have the first aid team to find her. It turns out that her kidneys were stolen! The two ports, is to remove her kidneys.! On the black market, 1 kidney is $300,000! Forensics investigation determined that victims who drank liquor, take drugs that are powerful narcotics, plus ice also played to the effect, so victims won`t feel pain. The girl died in hospital after waiting for a kidney donation to nothing.

Police advise everyone: this is 1 new crime is occurring, to young women and men, tourists, targeting students. Criminal organizations is large, and highly trained personnel. Such criminal acts are taking place in many major cities, especially recently in Shandong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, Chongqing, and bars all over the country(it is also happening in south-east Asia)!! Please send to any person you care about, to the people you know/love !!

(It is similar to what is happening to extremely poor communities in the Philippines. The Philippines was 4th ranking in human trafficking in 2009-2010, the Philippines is still on the top 100. The Liberal administration in the Philippines hasn`t made anything significant to lessen & stop human trafficking.)


Perhaps one of the oldest and most prolific Internet urban legends is the classic “stolen kidneys” hoax that circulates the Internet almost every year, dating back to the 1990s. In most versions of the tale (and there are plenty of them) it takes on the form of a cautionary traveling warning.

The story typically explains how a traveler, often a person visiting a foreign country on business, gets attacked or drugged and after being made unconscious awakes to find themselves in a bathtub full of ice and a pain in the lower back. On closer inspection as to the cause of the mystery pain a strange scar is found, which turns out to be the result of an operation to remove a kidney from the unwilling victim.

But of course this is nothing more than an extremely popular and long running hoax. This classic tale has been around for so long and taken so many different shapes and sizes, across literally hundreds of locations across the globe that it has deservedly earned the status of one of the most popular urban legends to ever hit the Internet or indeed the planet! So much so that the story has even featured in a movie (Urban Legends: Final Cut) and even been the storyline for an episode of Law and Order.

And the tale does have all the best ingredients for a classic urban legend. It plays on many of our primal fears – the fear of being the target of a crime, our fear of being rendered unconscious and exploited in such a manner and our fear of foreign or distance places. The tale also has that ounce of believability – far-fetched but not too far-fetched as to be completely disregarded as fiction, because after all, there is a black market and immoral criminals out there who will sell almost anything for a profit.

But the “it could happen” factor of this apocryphal tale may not be as applicable as many would initially think. Fred Herbert, chairman of the National Kidney Association says there are many variables involved in such transplants, and simply taking a kidney from somebody and putting it in another would not suffice –

In truth, transplanting a kidney from a living donor involves numerous compatibility tests that must be performed before the kidney is removed. So it’s highly unlikely that a gang could operate in secrecy to recover organs that would be viable for a transplant.

He also reported that there is no evidence that this has ever occurred, at least not in the United States. In fact the National Kidney Association has repeatedly requested that anyone who purports to be a victim of such a crime come forward. To date no one has.

It should be noted that similar incidents have occurred in India, but whilst these reports bear resemblance to this urban legend, there are important differences. According to police reports from the country, poverty stricken local residents (not travellers) are enticed with the prospect of employment (not drugged) before being forced or coerced into donating their kidney at gunpoint (again, not drugged).

Popular Variations of this Hoax
This list details popular variations of this hoax, but many variations not included in this list exist.

New Orleans version – one of the most popular variants of this hoax attributes the location to New Orleans and tells a story of a travelling businessmen drugged in a hotel bar by a stranger only to wake up in a bath of ice, with instructions to call 911. After calling 911 the operator informs the businessman that this kidney has been taken and that they are aware of this crime.

New York version – same as the New Orleans version but quoting New York instead

The Sydney version – this version tells the story of boy meets girl at a party. The girl invites boy to another party which he attends, only to find himself drugged and waking up in a bath of ice with a note saying “Call 000 or YOU’LL DIE”.

The Sichuan University version – this version that takes place in China effectively reverses the Sydney version to place the girl in the place of the victim, who meets a boy at a party only to find herself drugged. Versions of this warning also mention that this crime is taking place in the majority of cities and provinces in China. The victim awakes to a note telling them to call 120 (the emergency services) Modern versions of this variant include an image of a woman on the floor.

The Philippines version – same as the Sichuan version but quoting the Philippines instead

Of course there is a moral aspect to these cautionary tales – to be aware of strangers and to be especially careful when in unfamiliar places. But as for these warnings, they are nothing more than urban legends, and should not be circulated.

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