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Other Keywords:, Mike Williams, Bill Mcrea is a beyond typical get-rich-quich program that uses deception, misleading tactics and the promotion of the financially free lifesyle to get people to buy the system.

This scheme presents the usual characteristics of the average get-rich-quick scheme as it promotes the usual fallacies and misinformation that is popular in the get-rich-quick industry. The site promotes the "quick effortless shortcuts" to getting rich on the Internet but the reality is that such shortcuts do not exist.

In the hyped sales pitch the voice in the video even states that those who sign up can set everything up in "30 clicks" and do not have to create any content. Sadly assertions like this have no basis in reality and are only used to tempt users into paying the registration costs, only to be then bombarded with further upsells to make it work correctly.

We strongly recommend avoiding hyped sites like this that claim to have the secrets to getting rich on the Internet.

Essentially schemes like this are listed on our site based on the way they promote themselves in their sales pitch. Instead of focussing on giving the reader an informed insight into what to expect when trying to make money online or the actual content of the product they are selling, they instead place the emphasis on promoting the hyped “financially free” lifestyle and implying they hold the shortcut or recipe for easy success, when neither is really true. This results in unrealistic and skewed expectations from those that sign up and often results in their failure to make any money at all from these programs.

If you’re looking to make money from the Internet then it is important to understand that sites like do not hold shortcuts or secrets that will guarantee you quick and easy financial freedom once you pay the registration fee. Making money online takes substantial and extensive effort, no matter what route you take, and results will not be instantaneous. If working from the Internet is something that interests you then we have a page that explains a few truths and how making money online really works. You can visit that section of our site here.

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