Obama Cancels 4th July for US Troops - Internet/Facebook Rumour

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did obama really cancei 4th of july for our troops?

Rumours are circulating the Internet that due to budget cuts, American Independence Day has been cancelled for US military bases. Some variants of the rumour assert the cancellation was because of a recent trip to Africa taken by the President that cost $100 million.

The rumours are based on real events but most versions we have seen provide a heavily biased slant aimed at attacking the Obama administration.

So here are the facts…

Budget cuts (a sequester) came into effect from March 2013 and this has effected, amongst other departments, the US military. The cuts came about because both President Obama and Congress were not able to solve deficit reduction problems.

As a result many US military bases, including bases in North Carolina and Georgia, have cancelled 4th July celebrations in response to such budget constraints, in order to designate funds to more important areas. Such celebrations can be extremely expensive, not only to purchase equipment like fireworks, but also to pay overtime to staff.

It is important to note that the notion that President Obama “cancelled” July 4th is untrue. Military bases that either cancelled or scaled back Independence Day celebrations did so individually, based on their own budget limitations. Many bases did not make this sacrifice and will have either full or scaled back celebrations on July 4th.

Many versions of the rumour that claim these budget cuts were made because of a trip to Africa taken by the President are also slanted. It is true that President Obama did take a trip to Africa and also true is that such excursions can be very expensive. However the budget constraints are not a direct result of his Africa trip. It should also be noted that every President makes such trips and Obama does not make more, nor more expensive trips, than any of his predecessors. For example republican President and First Lady Bush made several trips to the same continent during his own two term reign as President.

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