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THIS is why you do not walk your dogs on asphalt or concrete in the summer. If you see someone walking their dogs on asphalt or concrete, PLEASE educate them and get the pet to cooler ground. Do not just hit "like", SHARE this warning too.
collected July 2013

An image of what appears to show a dogs severely burned paws is circulating Facebook along with the advice warning dog owners not to walk their dogs on asphalt during the summer because of the risk that their paws/pads can get burnt.

Whilst dogs paws are generally more resilient than our own bare feet, it is true that a dogs feet can be damaged or burnt on extremely hot surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, and it is recommended to avoid walking dogs on such surfaces for substantial periods of time during periods of extreme warmth.

General advice for extremely hot days assert the best time to walk dogs is early morning or late evening when sidewalks/pavements have cooled down, and as a general rule of thumb is that if it is too hot for you to walk barefoot on a surface then the same should apply for a dog as well. Read here for some good advice about this issue on About.com

Regarding the source of the image above, reports show that the picture is of a pitbull who was left trapped on a building rooftop in Berks County, PA, a handful of years ago, as detailed in this story here. Another story including the original image can be seen here.

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