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24 Jul 2013 - Article No: 1754. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

This comment cant be posted. What you typed is too conservative. We know you are a Christian and do not support President Obama...so you are on our watch list. Shape up--or your account will be suspended for 7 days.

Messages are circulating that assert Facebook is preventing people from posting certain content because Facebook has deemed it "too Conservative" and supports President Obama. The message also warns the user to "shape up" or risk having their account suspended. To add legitimacy to the rumour many later versions include an image of the warning that apparently popped up.

Whilst the majority of Facebook users can correctly determine the message to be too incredulous to possibly be true it does appear that a subset of users has fallen for the ruse.

In the past Facebook has been accused of being anti-gun control, pro-gun control, anti-gay rights, pro-gay rights, right wing, left wing, conservative, liberal, radical, anti-Christian, Anti-Semantic, Democratic, Republican and on one side or the other of practically any controversial divide that exists in the modern world.

And many of these rumours begin as a result of “warning messages” that falsely asserts Facebook is censoring or deleting certain types of content. Often these “warnings” are started out of thin air for the purpose of propaganda, often they are started when certain types of controversial material accumulate enough user reports that cause Facebook’s filters to [temporarily] remove the content for review.

In the case of the warning above, of course Facebook are not removing content because it is deemed too conservative, since doing so would cause public outcry and quickly make its way to the top story of any mainstream media outlet. The image above is either the result of some digital manipulation or the person who was presented with it inadvertently installed some malicious software onto their computer, most likely a rogue browser extension, that has the ability to alter how websites operate on a specific users computer. (see this article explaining how to remove malicious browser extensions)

Thus circulating this message to your friends is not advised.

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