Bieber Spits at Fans from Balcony Image - Internet/Facebook Rumour

5 Aug 2013 - Article No: 1756. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Here`s Justin Bieber spitting on his fans because hes a spoiled p**** who doesnt appreciate what he has. He wants this picture removed from the Internet. How about we spread it around a bit first, shall we?

Images of Justin Bieber apparently spitting on fans is spreading across the Internet.

The images depicting Justin Bieber spitting from a balcony were published on TMZs website in July 2013. TMZ concede in the attached article that We can`t tell what, or who, was directly under him as he dropped his saliva-bomb..

A spokerperson for the Canadian popstar claimed that no fans were underneath the balcony at the time.

An image montage (above) circulating Facebook that apparently includes an image of the targets of Biebers saliva are false since that image was actually taken during a 2011 trip Bieber took to Paris.

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