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Warning to all dog lovers!
Last night my sister`s dog, Jake, was at the community dog park. He was playing and running and having a blast. He picked up a Nerf football that was just laying around. He immediately dropped it and shook his head. He got a drink and played a bit longer. Then all of a sudden he wanted to go home. When he got home a few moments later, he laid down and in minutes he was dead. This was a wonderful, healthy 4-yr old Golden Retriever mx. Apparently someone didn`t like the dog park and had left the ball full of poison. So NEVER, NEVER, NEVER LET YOUR DOG PICK UP ANYTHING THAT HE DIDN`T BRING WITH HIM! Any toys abandoned should immediately be put in the trash! This was a horrible loss and my sister is devastated! I doubt they will ever know who did this, but don`t be the next victim. Spread the word--SAVE A LIFE!

Messages are circulating Facebook that tell the story of a dog called Jake that died after apparently ingesting poison found inside a discarded Nerf football toy that was left in a dog park.

Currently the story remains unsubstantiated. Since the message does not contain any identifiable information such as the location of the dog park or the date when it happened it does not serve as an effective warning message. We were unable to locate any stories from the Internet where poison was left in discarded Nerf toys meaning this does not appear to be any trending issue.

The message fails to address many other key questions, such as how the owner knew the Nerf toy contained poison, what type of poison it was or if the incident was ever reported to the police.

Localised cases of such acts against dogs are entirely possible but any effective warning must thus be able to identify both the location and date of the incidents. Without this information this is just another vague and ineffective warning that is likely to circulate the Internet for years to come.

Of course all dog walkers should be vigilant when it comes to walking their pets in public places as isolated incidents can and have occurred that appear to be attacks on dogs. Dog owners are always recommended to teach their dogs not to pick up any objects or eat anything that they find in public areas.

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