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I was sent this picture today by a friend who was very distressed to see it on her page.It apparently was posted to see if anybody could find the girl and if they cared well we do care and we have to find this baby as this scares the hell out of me

Apparently there is no facebook account that it came from so ive no idea as to how we find this little baby but if there is anybody on here or any of the pages that can help us to find this child please please do so

My email is email removed and all contact details under the contact section on the WWW.NAASCA.ORG website.Together we can find her please help

An image is circulating of a woman holding what appears to be a gun to a child’s head. The image links to an article on a blog called “No Longer Victims” that appeals users to circulate the photo in a bid to locate the woman.

Presumably the blog is appealing users to locate the woman under the assumption that the woman in the photo is holding a real gun to the child’s head.

However the gun is certainly not real. We have spoken to multiple knowledgeable people regarding the gun, who have all agreed that it is certainly not a functional weapon, nor even a replica, and that it appears to be nothing more than some kind of toy or novelty item (such as a lighter).

One online commentator on the “No Longer Victims” blog stated –

…notice the cylinder release. It’s the little thing under the barrel. Notice how it’s one solid piece. It’s purpose is to release the cylinder so it can slide out and either be emptied or loaded. Because this is a solid piece, it is non-functional i.e. fake….

As for the ethics of performing such an action, even with a fake gun, that is very much up to the viewer to decide for themselves. Of course many will believe that holding any kind of fake gun to a child’s head is offensive, whilst many others will claim that providing the photo was taken under certain circumstances – (for instance the photo may have been taken during an innocent game of “cops and robbers” with other children out of shot) – then it is perfectly acceptable. Of course it is also entirely possible that the woman in the photo is not the child’s mother but perhaps an older sibling or babysitter.

It could be argued that it was unwise to take a photo of such an action, or at least to post that photo on the Internet where is could be easily misinterpreted by others, but the plea to share the photo in a bid to locate the woman appears to be unjust considering that the gun is not real.

Additionally a follow up post on the No Longer Victims blog has stated that the relevant authorities have been notified.

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