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2 Sep 2013 - Article No: 1765. Filed under: Facebook Scams | Facebook Rumour

Links to a blog post from the Daily Bale asserting that an Asian yob attacked a 2 month old baby are circulating Facebook.

The article post is entirely bogus, quoting a non-existent story in order to stir up racial tension. The Daily Bale is a reprehensible blog that appears to only exist to cause tension and isolation aimed towards racial minorities.

The same blog only a few weeks ago posted an entirely bogus story about a pub banning soldiers because it may upset local Muslims. The entirely fabricated story even managed to force the pub to close down for a day after staff there received a flurry of abusive calls from people who believed the story.

And this latest story is equally as false. In fact most of the wording was taken from an article from a BBC article dating back to 2005 with only the names and minor details altered. In fact the original story from the BBC site (which you can see here) actually reports on an attack being carried out by a white male on a baby from a racial minority. However the details have been altered to promote the sick propaganda of the website.

Additionally the image of the bruised child (blurred out, above) has nothing to do with the original article and has simply been taken from the Internet.

Needless to say this story should absolutely not be circulated through social media.

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