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This child has a skin cancer!!!!
FB decided 2 give 1 dollar per every share
Ur one share can save his life
please dOnt ignore.....

A photo of a disfigured baby are circulating Facebook along with the caption that asserts the baby has skin cancer and Facebook will donate $1 per share of the photo, presumably to help the child.

However this is just another in a long string of malicious hoaxes that exploit disabled children in order to accumulate Likes for Facebook Pages run by scammers.

The child in the photo – despite the claims made in the caption – actually obtained her injuries from a fire in her parents’ house. The 14-month old child called Ola Kuczma sustained the injuries back in June 2005, and has since made a recovery. The photo, as typical in these scams, is being exploited to accumulate Likes for a Facebook Page without the consent of the child`s family.

And the assertion that sharing the photo will result in money being donated to her is pure nonsense. This claim is made so users will make the photo go viral which results in the Page that posted the photo garnering Likes which can result in a scammer making money, in a process called Like-Farming. Learn how Like-Farming works here and how it can make scammers money.

It is recommended not to comment, Like or share these photos if you come across them on Facebook. Instead report the photo to Facebook for removal. For more information on sick baby scams on Facebook read our article here.

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