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Cops throw chair at dog for amusement, tazers him 2x in the face, shoots him 2x, lets him bleed to death, dog was later thrown in trash for cover up

like and share to support this familys lawsuit

A photo of a pit bull is circulating Facebook urging users to share and like it. The caption on the photo asserts police offers tazered and shot the dog, let it bleed to death and ultimately threw the body in the trash to cover it up. The photo asserts liking and sharing the photo will support the families lawsuit against the officers.

The photo is based on a real incident where a dog named Chico Blue was killed by L.A. police officers as they investigated a reported shooting nearby Chico’s home. The incident happened in 2012 and a lawsuit was filed in July 2013 and at that time was picked up by some media outlets.

It is worth noting that the image and the caption represents one side to this story, and the description on the image may – or may not – be accurate. The LA Times reports that Steve Whitmore, a spokeperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, stated –

"We look forward to telling the whole story," … "As we move forward and people see actually what occurred, we will be vindicated."

It is worth noting that liking or sharing an image does not affect the outcome of the lawsuit (at least not in any positive way) and since the incident is already being investigated there really is no need to start any kind of online social media hate campaign.

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