Stories About Washington Navy Yard Shooter Released a Day Early - Internet/Facebook Rumour

17 Sep 2013 - Article No: 1773. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

A Daily Courier post with the AP article along with the incorrect date

Rumours are circulating that news articles describing the story of the Washington DC Navy yard shooter appeared on the Internet the day before shooting took place. Conspiracy theorists assert this is evidence that the shooting was a false flag attack.

It is true that many websites - including The Daily Courier and ABC News, carrying an Associated Press story – did show an incorrect date – displaying September 15th and not September 16th when the shooting took place.

However it is unlikely that this means the articles actually appeared online before the shooting, since no one actually reported seeing or reading the articles on the 15th, which would of course happened if they were published the day before.

As yet no official explanation as to why the glitch occurred has been released, meaning viewers are invited to derive their own conclusions as to what this “proves” – in this case, either that a simple glitch or human error transpired as the AP article was circulated over the media network resulting in the incorrect date being displayed, or that the government staged a false flag attack on a navy base for nefarious reasons yet inexplicably released an article describing the attack in full – with photos - 24 hours before it happened…

We know what we’re going with.

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