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I`ve had 5 x friend requests from people who I don`t know. All women who have a family. On further investigation it seems there facebook account has been set up in the last 24 hrs. There are rumors that there is a `ring` of certain types of scum targeting facebook users with kids in there pictures. DO NOT ACCEPT REQUESTS FROM THOSE YOU DONT KNOW. PLEASE SHARE.
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Rumours are circulating that Facebook accounts set up in the last 24 hours are sending out friend requests to genuine Facebook users, and that they are targeting Facebook users with kids in their profile pictures.

It is true that at the time this rumour first appeared on Facebook there did appear to be a surge of spam friend requests hitting the social networking site. We and other anti-hoax sites have received an influx of complaints from our respective readers regarding this issue, which led to our blog post about the problem of spam friend requests and how they can be problematic.

However the assertion that this surge in spam friend requests has been targeting users with children in their account profile pictures appears mistaken. We ourselves have seen multiple accounts without children in their profile pictures receive such spam requests, and many of our readers who have reported the issue do not have children in their profile pictures either.

Scammers often use automated software to send out spammy friend requests. Such software simply sends out requests to as many accounts as possible. Such software is unlikely to be able to determine which accounts have children appearing in their profile pictures.

With that said, the warning message does contain some good advice - always reject friend requests from people you do not know.

And always tell Facebook that you do not know the person. This helps Facebook determine and remove spam accounts.

For more information on how spam friend requests can be dangerous read our blog post here.

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