Veterans and Legion Members Banned from Target Canada Stores - Internet/Facebook Rumour

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TARGET CANADA.....Just on the news....has agreed to let our vets sell their poppies OUTSIDE their stores!!....HELLO???..I don`t think so!!!..The day I ever saw one of our country`s 80 year old vets outside in the freezing the day I`d never darken the doors of Target EVER again!!..Better regroup powers that be at are in CANADA now where we love and respect our vets!!.?Please FB Friends.....share this post if you agree!!...Target....great way to start a business in Canada.....NOT!!!

Reports are circulating the Internet that Royal Legion members and Veterans are not allowed to collect donations in return for the iconic poppy inside Target stores in Canada, instead having to stand outside.

The rumours are entirely false and the result of a miscommunication of a memo that was circulated across Legion members that asserted members could stand either outside or at the doors of Target stores. Some who read the memo mistakenly believed it was stating that volunteers could not go inside.

The mistake was compounded as a CTV report also stated that volunteers could not collect donations inside Target stores.

The mistake was quickly rectified by both the Legion and Target Canada (see respective statements here and here.) who both stated that Legion members and volunteers are, and always were, welcome insides the store. The statement made about standing at the doors of Target stores meant that volunteers could stand inside and collect from the best possible location, and not that volunteers could not enter the store.

Royal Canadian Legion said in a statement posted on their website and Facebook page

Target and the Legion have worked out arrangements to have Poppy volunteers and this could include Veterans, Legion members, or members of the public offering Poppies for donation inside Target stores. Neither Target nor the Legion would ever ask volunteers to be outside in bad weather. Target offered the best location possible for Poppy campaign volunteers right at the front door and we were eager to have it.

So the rumour began as the result of a miscommunication and the correct information not reaching all members quickly enough. Thus the rumour is false and should not be circulated.

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