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Please don`t ignore !
Facebook is donating every 3$ for each SHARE & 2$ for LIKE .
Come on ppl it takes a few seconds of your time !

Help Burned Baby Alexandra

Rumours are circulating that claim Facebook will donate $3 per Share and $2 per Like for a photo showing a baby with burns on its skin. The message that circulates with the photo identifies the baby as Alexandra.

The message is completely bogus and is the latest in a long string of callous and heartless hoaxes designed to bait Facebook users into sharing and liking a photo in order to increase the number of followers for the Facebook Page that posted it.

The more followers the Facebook Page accumulates the more value it has, and the immoral scammers who operate the Pages can then sell them to marketing companies or use them to target users with other scams. The process is known as Like-Farming and you can read more about it here.

The baby in the photo is actually Isambard Ebbutt, who suffered horrific burns when he accidentally poured a cup of tea down himself as a baby. The photo was stolen from a Daily Mail article about the accident, and is now without permission from the childs family - circulating under this false pretense in a classic example of exploitation that is sadly rife on the social networking site. Isambard has since made a full recovery since the accident.

It is vital that you do not share or like the photo, and also avoid commenting on it. Instead these photos should simply be reported to Facebook so that they can be removed from the site, using the Report Photo option located in the options menu.

Remember that sharing and liking the photos does not help the child in anyway, rather is helps propagate a case of exploitation and misinformation across Facebook. For more information on how these scams work, click here.

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