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15 Oct 2013 - Article No: 1782. Filed under: General | Internet/Facebook Rumour

Images of a student ID claiming to belong to President Obama when he attended university is circulating. The information on the image, were it to be genuine, would mean that President Obama attended university under the name Barry Soetoro and that he was a foreign student, thus ineligible to hold the position of US President.

The image is another addition to one of the most popular and frustratingly persistent (albeit totally baseless) conspiracy theories that pertain that President Obama is not a US citizen, born in Africa and therefore unable to be President. Anti-Obama protestors who refer and circulate this type of fringe-conspiracy are referred to as “birthers”.

And just like most “evidence” put forth in an attempt to prove this particular claim, it is easily dismissible as nothing more than a simple hoax.

In this case, the easiest way to demonstrate that this is nothing more than fabrication is to show the original image of the ID, which is easily found using a simple reverse image search. In this case the original image, that you can see below, does not belong to President Obama and it not issued under the name Barry Soetoro. (Soetoro was the surname of President Obamas father)

Also, according to an article from Columbia University (hat tip to the introduction of the electronic card featured in the image above was not even introduced until 1996, thus could not have been given to President Obama in 1981.

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