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I`ve seen this pop up in my news feed a couple of times. Please tell me if there is any truth in it. `Please do not be tempted to buy M&S`s own poppies as they are only donating 3% to the British Legion, who have had a gagging order imposed upon them by M&S about this - utterly disgusting. Please share.`

This rumour is circulating social media that claims that popular highstreet store Marks and Spencers only donates 3% of the money made selling poppies to the Royal British Legion.

However the message is both false and misleading.

Firstly it is important to mention that just like many highstreet stores, Marks and Spencers allow the Royal British Legion to collect donations inside their stores. As just like any other store, the people collecting the donation work for the Royal British Legion, and all the money they collect goes toward the Legion and the initiatives it supports. The message above is not related to these volunteer Legion workers at all.

What the warning is likely referring to is the diamante encrusted Poppy brooch that Marks and Spencers stocks in its stores. But the message is still wrong as Marks and Spencers donate 30% of the retail price of the brooch to charity. Marks and Spencers first released the brooch in 2012, and made 169,000, and this will be the second year the brooch is available, with the Royal British Legion hoping to raise a whopping 500,000 because of its sales.

The assertion of any type of gagging order is totally baseless. Marks and Spencers openly announce how much is donated to charity via the brooch on their website, and the Royal British Legion have it on their website as well.

Also on the website is Charles Byrne, Director of Fundraising for the Legion, states on the Legion website,

The Royal British Legion is extremely grateful for the support that Marks & Spencer and its customers have shown once again this year. The money raised by M&S, will help us continue our vital work protecting the interests, welfare and memory of the Serving and ex-Service community.

This is just a senseless attack on a major highstreet store, trying to turn a good initiative into something negative. It is not recommended to circulate this message.

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